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Welcome to our world of stylish and innovative Grey Corner Sofas. We're a UK-based company, Grey Corner Sofas, founded by Kyron Michael, a passionate creator with an eye for design and a love for the simplicity of modern living.

Story Of Grey Corner Sofas

Our journey began in a small garage, driven by a singular vision - to revolutionise the way we experience home comfort and style. We noticed a gap in the market for high-quality, stylish grey corner sofas that blend seamlessly into contemporary living spaces. And just like that, our unique Grey Corner Sofas was born.

Kyron's extensive background in interior design, combined with a fervour for innovation, led to the creation of our elegant, minimalist Grey Corner Sofas. These sofas, designed and crafted with meticulous care, not only elevate the aesthetic of your living space but also embody the practicality and comfort required in a modern home.

Our Mission

We're here to redefine your home comfort experience. Our mission is to deliver meticulously designed, high-quality grey corner sofas that add a touch of sophistication to your home while ensuring functionality and longevity. We believe in creating products that enhance your living space, keeping design, durability, and your comfort in mind.



Customer Satisfaction

Our Business Values

Transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction are at the core of our business. We aim to build trust with our customers by providing honest information about our processes and products. Each Grey Corner Sofa we sell embodies our dedication to quality and our commitment to sustainable business practices.

Discover Our Products

Our Grey Corner Sofas are more than just a product; they're a solution to modern, comfort-conscious living. Expertly crafted in the UK, each sofa represents our commitment to quality and design. They're built to last with premium materials and designed to compliment a variety of interior styles.




Meet Our Amazing Team

Under the leadership of our founder, Kyron Michael, our team of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to bring you products that merge design and utility. Each individual in our team brings unique skills and creativity to the table, united by a shared passion for quality craftsmanship.

Our founder, Kyron Michael, harbours a deep affection for interior design and furniture. When he isn't immersed in his business, his leisure time finds him reveling in the allure of sandy beaches.

Kyron Michael


Sales Director Lee propels Grey Corner Sofas' market success, expertly steering sales and predicting market trends. Outside work, he's a DJ and enjoys fixing things, reflecting his strategic mindset and problem-solving skills.

Lee Michael

- Sales Director

Sam, Grey Corner Sofas' CTO, enables a seamless digital experience by aligning technology with user needs. His leadership improves our customer service. Off duty, he enjoys photography and cinema.

Sam Feek

- Chief Technology Officer

Melina, Marketing Director at Grey Corner Sofas, drives our brand's visibility using innovative, data-driven strategies. Her foresight boosts our growth. Away from work, she's a dog lover and a snowboarder, reflecting her work enthusiasm.

Melina Hadjiargyrou

- Marketing Director

Lisa, Grey Corner Sofas' Customer Service Head, ensures positive customer interactions with her empathetic problem-solving. Outside work, she enjoys salsa dancing and sushi preparation.

Lisa Carter

- Head of Customer Service

Sarah, a Customer Service Representative at Grey Corner Sofas, fosters strong customer relationships with excellent communication and patience. Off duty, she nurtures her creativity through painting and literature.

Sarah Green

- Customer Service Representative

Contact Us

We invite you to become part of our journey. Follow us on social media, browse our collection, or reach out to us via email or phone. Let's redefine your interior space together.

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