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Shopping for grey corner sofas online may be challenging since there are so many dimensions to take into account, like sofa length, depth, and height. We did all the research for you, so don't worry. For a list of typical grey corner sofas sizes and measurements, as well as information on loveseat sizes and how to measure for a couch delivery, see our guide.

The size of a couch might differ from one sofa to another depending on its kind and design. We discuss the typical sofa measurements and where they lie on the range of grey corner sofas below. To find out what each sofa dimension means, glance at the figure below.

Sofa Length: Though grey corner sofas may range in length from 175 cm to 245 cm, the typical three-person sofa is typically between 175 and 220 cm long, with 215 cm being the most typical length. If you're searching for couches with lots of seats, choose a long sofa that is 220–254 cm, or think about an extra-long sofa that is longer than 254 cm.

Standard grey corner sofas depth (from front to back) is 89 cm, however the majority of sofas range from 81 to 100 cm in depth.

Couch Height: The height of grey corner sofas, measured from the floor to the top of the back, varies from 66 to 92 centimetres. High-back couches tend to lean more traditionally whereas low-back sofas tend to be sleek and contemporary.

Seat Depth: The distance between the front and rear edges of a grey corner sofas (or the front and back of the sofa back) can range from 50 to 63 cm. For people of medium height, seat depths of 53 cm and 55 cm are normal; lesser or greater depths are preferable for shorter and taller people, respectively. Extra-deep seat sofas have seats that are deeper than 89 cm, whereas deep seat sofas have seats that are between 71 and 89 cm deep.

Seat Height: The height of a grey corner sofas cushion from the floor to the top of the cushion varies from 38 cm to 50 cm, with the majority of couch seats rising between 43 cm and 45 cm.

Loveseats and Tiny Grey Corner Sofas are shorter than regular couches since they are made to accommodate two people. With the exception of length, manufacturers refer to loveseat dimensions in the same manner they do for sofa dimensions.

The length of a loveseat typically ranges from 122 to 183 cm. Although there is no standard for loveseat length, it is typical to discover models that fall within the ranges of 132 and 167 cm.

Online couch shopping may be intimidating, especially if you're unsure of the size of sofa that will fit in your room. The quick and simple method for measuring your area for a sofa is described here.

First, measure the area.

Take note of the room's length and width to obtain a sense of the size of grey corner sofas that will fit there. It's a good idea to seek for sofas with higher backs if your room is big and has high ceilings since the open space will compliment the sofa and make it appear poised and regal. Consider buying a shorter couch or a small loveseat that won't overpower the area if you have limited space or low ceilings.

You'll want your new grey corner sofas to fit through the door, so make sure to measure the widths and heights of all hallways and entryways that your sofa will need to be carried through upon delivery. 

Tape the area in Step 2

Choose the location where you want to put your new grey corner sofas. To maintain the room's natural flow of traffic, leave 75 cm of space for walking in front of the sofa. Make sure there is at least 30 to 45 cm between your sofa and coffee table if you choose to match the two pieces of furniture.

Make a rough rectangle on the floor where you want to put your grey corner sofas using masking tape. Precision is not required in this situation as long as you are aware of the standard couch measurements; your goal is to generate a basic guide rather than a precise sketch of a sofa.

Measure the Taped Area in Step 3

Measure the rectangle's width and length after your tape is in a good location and you are satisfied with its size.

Use these measures as the largest couch dimensions that will fit your room while searching for a sofa. Find grey corner sofas that either closely fits those measurements or is a little bit smaller. You can pick the height of the sofa, but keep in mind that it needs to fit beneath any neighbouring windowsills or bookcases.

Seat height and depth, for example, are secondary measures that are more important for comfort than for placement. Select grey corner sofas with a greater seat height and a larger seat depth if any members of your family are tall. Do the reverse if your home is on the smaller side.

Have you ever found yourself wondering, "What's the greatest sofa to opt for," till you were completely puzzled and blue in the face? There are several factors to take into account because it is a significant investment.

Let's face it: You probably spend a lot of time on your grey corner sofas, whether you like to acknowledge it or not. drinking, slurping, cuddling, kissing, and dozing... We understand how it is and recognise that looking for the ideal seating arrangement might get a bit difficult.

Don't worry; we've created this buying guide to help you with the process and make sure your new grey corner sofas fits your needs.

Except for The Rebel Sofa Bed, every one of our couches is modular. Create a cosy mix that suits your requirements by configuring your Snug couch anyway you like.

To create an L- or U-Shaped Grey Corner Sofas, The Rebel and The Big Chill sofas may be combined with The Corner Unit. 

You may construct grey corner sofas of any size and form using the Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections since they are completely modular. Want to build the longest sofa in the world? Try it out!

A 20-foot sofa or a full-on movie den can be built at the push of a button thanks to modular furniture. You may easily combine any of the modular couches' separate parts to create countless shapes and sizes. Even changing the design to suit your mood is possible. Whether you want a large corner arrangement or something U-shaped, go for it!

It might be challenging to decide the colour or material you like most when styling your Snug, isn't it? Do not be afraid; simply ask for a free sample of any cloth you are interested in.

Color coordinate it with the room you already have or see how it looks in your ideal design area. Consider whether your heavy traffic areas would benefit from a darker, more accommodating tone or whether you want to go neutral so you may alter your interior as frequently as your hairdo. In need of some motivation? View our gallery of client images posted with the hashtag # grey corner sofas

We are all about ease, worry-free environments, and stress-free sustainability, as you may have already figured. Our textiles were created with sticky fingers, heavy claws, and wine spills in mind and are thus kid and pet-friendly. Have a distinct design concept in mind? Make a statement with your colour pick by going bright!

Velvet brings a sense of elegance to any room because to its plush appearance and pile. Our polyester version is useful as well and has a short to medium pile that feels slightly hairy to the touch, yet being more delicate than other durable textiles. You don't have to give up style for functionality because to the velvets' spill-resistant features and harder than standard construction. So, in addition to wanting to gaze at it nonstop, you'll also want to cuddle up to its plushness.

Polyester has a lot of advantages, but (at least in our case!) it doesn't make it any less attractive; as a result, we utilise it everywhere! a robust synthetic fibre with our smooth touch and simple care Polyester chenille is made to be strong and long-lasting, making it ideal for wandering mitts and furry pets. It has a short pile, is pleasant to the touch, is easy to clean, and is stain, wrinkle, and abrasion resistant.

Your couch has to be broken in like a new pair of jeans, and once it is, you will undoubtedly discover a whole new level of cosiness.

Some people could argue that what's on the inside is what matters, and our couches fit that description because they have such a lovely spirit. Here is a summary of the contents of each of our distinct grey corner sofas.

When you make an internet purchase without seeing anything first, you are exercising your trust. And this is especially true for couches, which may be expensive and difficult to return and sometimes cost hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money. The finest grey corner sofas is frequently a question of personal preference because there are so many different designs, sizes, and configurations available, from dapper Chesterfields to grey corner sofas. We're willing to acknowledge that, after years of study and testing, we are unable to advise you on the Ideal Couch Model For Your Needs. However, we can assist you through the process and strike a balance between your particular demands and preferences and the limitations of quality, price, and space.

It takes a lot of faith to shop for grey corner sofas online because it's likely to be one of the largest and most costly pieces of furniture you'll ever buy. In order to assist you get a couch you'll enjoy with fewer hassles, we're here to explain what to expect when you buy from a firm, whether or not you can believe its claims, and what your alternatives are if you wind up disliking your new sectional. Before making a purchase, whether online or in person, there are several things to consider. These include the type and style you want, the size that will fit in your home, how to check for quality construction, how many people you want to seat, and what you should buy (and avoid) based on your lifestyle. We also include a shopping list and a post-delivery checklist for while the return window is still open.

The dimensions of grey corner sofas, at the very least its width, height, and depth, should be listed on the product page online. Additionally, you might be interested in knowing the clearance from the floor, the arm's breadth and height, and the depth and height of the seat cushions. You can often acquire this information by downloading a spec sheet or assembly manual, or by emailing the manufacturer.

At the risk of repeating the obvious, check out the couch in person if it is from a firm that has a showroom or physical retail presence close by.

Purchasing a couch involves many factors. Where will you put it? How many people are going to use it every day? What size grey corner sofas will you need? What kind of material best fits your demands and fashion? We want to make sure you choose the ideal couch for you since each and every G Plan sofa is handcrafted and made to last. We hope that this guidance will help you make a well-informed decision. The personnel at our specialised stockists will be able to assist you with your choice when you visit them.

Room size

The size of your living room should be one of your first considerations when purchasing a sofa. You don't want your grey corner sofas to seem out of place in a bigger area or to overshadow your other furniture and decorations.

Consider a modest two-seater grey corner sofas or one of our more compact sofa types if your room is limited. A giant sofa might make a striking impression in a space that is bigger.

You might also need to think about how the grey corner sofas will fit in your house or living room. How big are your stairways and hallways? Does the sofa fit through the door to your living room? Before buying a sofa, it is a good idea to measure your door frames and hallway. For further details, speak with your neighbourhood shop.

You may discover the dimensions next to grey corner sofas and armchair on this website since we've measured each one of our collections for your convenience.

Some of our ranges provide an alternative to conventional size couch and chair options to guarantee your choice of sofa fits precisely. To produce a small couch or chair with the same comfort and support, we gradually changed the height and breadth. Our smaller size models all have the same style, making it simple to pair them with other pieces from the collection. They are the ideal option for those with smaller frames or for smaller spaces.

Room design

Since every G Plan couch is manufactured to order, you may select the fabrics and leathers from a variety of options to make sure they blend seamlessly with your house and personality. For styling advice and ideas on how to create a cosy home, see the G Plan blog.

Couch Usage

You need grey corner sofas that will serve your needs for many years when making a long-term purchase. Before choosing a sofa's size and fabric, think about its purpose. On how many sofas will there be people sitting? Are you a frequent host? Do you need a couch that is simpler to clean if you have young children or grandchildren?

You might want a bigger grey corner sofas if you frequently host events or invite your family around. A darker fabric could be more useful if you have young children or have supper on your sofa. Maybe you'd prefer a leather couch that you could wipe down instead? Regardless of your lifestyle, the G Plan lines are available in a selection of leathers and textiles that have been chosen for both their comfort and durability.


One item of furniture that will be utilised practically daily is a sofa. So it's crucial to pick one that will endure the test of time.

All grey corner sofas and armchairs are expertly crafted in the UK using the finest materials and the greatest craftsmen. On all load-bearing surfaces, we utilise hardwood from sustainable sources, and for long-term durability, we use premium springs. Additionally, we provide a 25-year timber frame and a 10-year spring warranty on all sofas.

All of our Ergo and Ergoform chairs, which are made in Europe to strict G Plan specifications by our specialised manufacturing partner, come with a 10 Year Steel Frame & Moulded Foam Guarantee.


It's crucial to have a stunning grey corner sofas that properly matches your design, but it should also provide you with the utmost in comfort. Your height, leg length, preference for firm or soft cushions, and whether you prefer to snuggle up on your grey corner sofas or sit upright should all be taken into account.

G Plan offers a variety of couches with various fillings and postural qualities since we recognise that people come in diverse shapes and sizes. Make sure you stop by a store to see the couches in person. Take off your shoes, raise your feet, and utilise the sofa like you would at home without being embarrassed.

How much support do you require from your grey corner sofas? We advise lumbar support or a high-backed type if you're looking for support for your head and neck. For lower back comfort, several of our models also have a split seat back, and some sofas even come with adjustable arm heights.

We provide reclining couches and armchairs that support you in a variety of settings for optimal comfort, adding a touch of elegance.

Leathers and textiles

You must choose a cloth to complete the appearance before all else. Which do you like more, leather or fabric? Would a darker colour make more sense if you have kids? Or would you like the luxurious, exquisitely soft texture of chenille? To fit your house, G Plan provides a variety of soft fabric options. Each is carefully selected and extensively examined for both durability and softness of touch.

If you want a Leather Grey Corner Sofas, opt for high-quality leather that will last. We make sure that all of our leathers, which are acquired from some of the best tanneries in the world, are cosy, practical, and timeless.

To feel and see the difference for yourself, why not request a free fabric or leather sample online or browse our comprehensive swatch book in-store.

Daily maintenance

How much time are you able to devote to cleaning your grey corner sofas? It is important to think about how frequently you will need to treat the leather or fill the cushions.

Your couch is likely to be one of the most utilised pieces of furniture in your home—whether you're relaxing, watching TV, reading, browsing the internet, or meeting up with family and friends—so you want to be sure you're getting the perfect one. With so many possibilities available, we've created a straightforward guide to assist you in selecting the perfect grey corner sofas for you and your family.

Create it with mysofa if you can't find precisely what you're searching for.

Like the way leather grey corner sofas looks?

Popular, fashionable, classic, and offering many advantages:

Leather is strong and resilient; it gets more interesting as it ages and, with careful care, will last for many generations. Leather is durable, low maintenance, and stands up to wear and tear well. It can be cleaned with a gently moist cloth, making it ideal for family life. Download our care guide for additional information on taking care of your upholstery.

High back compared. low back If you want a sofa to be placed near a window, a low back sofa can be the best option. A high back grey corner sofas would be more comfortable and give a more supportive seat if you need back and neck support. Think about the height and depth of the seat, and make sure it is suitable for you and comfy. Think about the seat's height and depth, and make sure it feels good and is comfortable.

Other choices include traditional cushion back or scatter back couches, or a Smaller Compact Sofa may be more appropriate if space is at a premium.

Colour: bold or understated? A strong, striking colour can truly make a room come to life, especially if you want your sofa to be the centre of attention in your living space. Subtle neutral tones complement most colour schemes and allow you to enhance and easily refurbish your grey corner sofas with new scatter cushions or a blanket if you want it to blend into your decor.

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